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How to install Firefox 15 on Linux Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora or any other Linux distribution.

This howto explains how to install Firefox 15 on Linux, with or without replacing an existing Firefox installation.

1. Download

Download the release from the official channels page:
A 64 bit build is also available in the x86_64 directory of Mozilla's FTP.

This how-to supposes that the downloaded file is saved in the “Downloads” directory situated in your home directory.
2. Extract

The downloaded file is a compressed .tar.bz2 archive. To extract this juicy archive, open the Downloads directory. Look for a file named firefox-15.0.tar.bz2, right-click on it and select “extract here”.

Alternatively, you can extract the archive from the command line:
cd ~/Downloads/
tar xjf firefox-15.0.tar.bz2

For those interested, here are the tar arguments used in the command:
x : eXtract
j : deal with bzipped file
f : read from a file (rather than a tape device)

The firefox-15.0.tar.bz2 archive can now be deleted.

3. Move to /opt

External programs like LibreOffice, Google Chrome, Adobe reader, ... are all installed in the /opt directory.

If you already had a previous Firefox version installed in the /opt directory, remove it with the following command:
sudo rm -r /opt/firefox

of if you log as root user then use the following command

rm -r /opt/firefox

Now move the firefox directory (which was created in your Downloads folder during extraction) to /opt:
sudo mv firefox /opt/firefox15

4. Set up symbolic links
Create a symbolic link pointing to the new Firefox version:
sudo ln -s /opt/firefox15/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

No need to update your icons/shortcuts, they should now launch the new version of Firefox.

Launch the newly installed Firefox by running firefox15 in a terminal, or create shortcuts/icons referring to firefox15.

5. Updates & Final

Firefox 15 will manage its own updates independently of your system's package manager, an download subsequent releases. There will be no need to repeat the whole “procedure”...


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