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How to Manually Mount a USB Flash Drive on Redhat Enterprise Linux

1.       Login as a root redhat Enterprise linux or Centos distribution then enter the appropriate password when prompted.

2.       Enter the command lsusb at the command line.  Thankfully for Plug-N-Play, your computer should recognize your USB drive. 
3.       If it does not, try plugging into another USB drive and re-issuing the lsusb command. 

4.       Look for the device assignment.  Generally, this is done by ‘searching’ using the dmesg command.  After issuing the dmesg | grep ‘disk’ command, I found my device assignment as shown in the output /dev/sdb.

5.       Now, let’s create a folder in the Linux file directory to act as a mount point for our USB flash drive.  I am going to create a folder in the /mnt directory called /usbflash’ by issuing the "mkdir /mnt/usbflash" command.

6.       Now, let us mount our USB drive labeled sdb to the /usbflash directory so that we can use it by issuing the "mount –t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/usbflash" command.

And that’s it!  After the drive is mounted, browse to the /mnt/usbflash folder using the command line or graphical file utility to access your files and folders on the USB flash drive.

Edit /etc/fstab

7.       To automate this process you can edit /etc/fstab file and add line similar to this

/dev/sdb       /mnt/usbflash           vfat    defaults        0       0

Run mount command to mount all not yet mounted devices.
# mount -a

Note: Now a day the Linux Operating system will detect your USB drive automatically.


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