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CentOS 6 Installation step by step

How to install Linux – Centos 6
Set your computers BIOS to boot form CD / DVD
  1. Insert the CentOS 6 CD or DVD
  2. When presented with the following screen press enter on Install or upgrade an existing system.
  3. You will now be presented with a CD Check, I always skip this step… I live life on the edge when it comes to media checking on Linux installs. However you might want to check the media.

  • You will now see some black and white text on your screen as your computer loads the X11 environment for the CentOS install, after 30 seconds or so you will be presented with the CentOS GUI installer, click next.

  • Select your Language.

    1. Select your keyboard type.
    2. Storage type, as I am installing on my local hard drive I selected “Basic storage type” if you are using iSCSI or similar technology now would be the time to set it up.