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who command

       who - show who is logged on
       who [OPTION]... [ FILE | ARG1 ARG2 ]
       Print information about users who are currently logged in.
       -a, --all                             same as -b -d --login -p -r -t -T -u
       -b, --boot                                      time of last system boot
       -d, --dead                                     print dead processes
       -H, --heading                    print line of column headings
       -l, --login                                      print system login processes

       --lookup                            attempt to canonicalize hostnames via DNS
       -m                                     only hostname and user associated with stdin
       -p, --process                     print active processes spawned by init
       -q, --count                        all login names and number of users logged on
       -r, --runlevel                     print current runlevel
       -s, --short                          print only name, line, and time (default)
       -t, --time                                       print last system clock change
   -T, -w, --mesg                                   add user’s message status as +, - or ?
       -u, --users                                     list users logged in
       --message                        same as -T
       --writable                         same as -T
       --help                                display this help and exit
       --version                                       output version information and exit
If FILE is not specified, use /var/run/utmp.  /var/log/wtmp as FILE is common.  If ARG1 ARG2 given, -m presumed: ‘am i’ or ‘mom likes’ are usual.


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