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How to Install Binary Files and Scripts (.BIN/.SH)

Binary files such as (.BIN) and shell scripts (.SH) are another popular format for distributing applications, particularly in the commercial, closed-source world. A good example of this are the Quake 3 and Doom 3 games from id Software. Basically all these files are is a list of commands that are run inside a terminal to copy, move, and create files in your file system. You can run these files like so:

For BIN files:
1. Make sure the file is set to "executable" by running this command:
chmod +x xyz.bin
2. Run the file like this:

NOTE: If the installer requires access to directories outside of your /home/ directory, you may need to log in as root before you can execute these commands successfully. That can be accomplished with the su command, followed by your root (Administrator) password. Ubuntu users will use sudo and their regular user password instead.

For .SH files:
1. Make sure the file is executable by following Step 1 above.
2. Run the file either with the same command as the previous Step 2, or like this:



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