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Calculate Linux 13 Beta 1 Downlaod

Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the availability of the first beta release of Calculate Linux 13, a distribution based on Gentoo Linux: "We are happy to announce the release of the first Calculate Linux 13 beta version. Main changes: meta packages are no longer used to manage default dependencies; each Calculate Linux edition is now featuring its own appearance theme; Portage files will be unpacked when booting for the first time; Calculate Utilities were updated to 3.1 beta 2; a new tool, calculate-update - for the time being, it only handles the world file, but will be able to do much more soon; KDE was updated to
4.9.4; GNOME was updated to 3.4; AxeMenu replaced the standard menu; the Parcellite clipboard will be used from now on.

Download: cld-20121211-i686.iso cld-20121211-x86_64.iso


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