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How to Configure Service Configuration Tool

To immediately start, stop, or restart a service, select it from the list and click the Start, Stop, or Restart button. This does not affect whether it is started or stopped at boot time. If you do not have the graphical desktop installed or just prefer a more simplistic interface, ntsysv can be used to configure runlevels. The program must be run as the root user.

If the ntsysv command is run without any command-line arguments, the current runlevel is configured. To configure a different runlevel or multiple runlevels, use the following syntax, where <levels> is a list of runlevel numbers without any spaces or commas such as 35 for runlevels 3 and 5:
ntsysv --level <levels>
A list of services is shown with an asterisk next to those configured to start at boot time. If multiple runlevels are being configured, an asterisk indicates that the service is enabled for at least one of the runlevels, but not necessarily all of them. Use the up and down arrow keys to move through the list. Use the spacebar to toggle the asterisk, enabling or disabling the service at boot time for the desired runlevel. Press the Tab key when finished to highlight the Ok button. Click Enter to save the changes and exit.


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